One More 2015

≪ONE MORE≫ is a short documentary about the life of a fighter that has been at the pinnacle of kick-boxing more than once and continues to reach farther than his grasp. It is as much a tribute to great achievement as it is a testament to stamina and perseverance.

Kick-boxer Ernesto Hoost looks back to an unprecedented success as four times K-1 world champion. His seemingly calm persona exudes fierce independence, a spirit that refuses to be harnessed, a keen determination to go its own way.

In October 2014, 49 years old Ernesto Hoost steps into the ring again. The fight takes place in Osaka Japan and his opponent is his long time rival Peter Aerts. This fight is everything but insignificant as he puts his reputation of one of the greatest fighters in K-1 on the line, maybe for the last time.

Director: Camille Herren
Kirill Serebrennikov
“The Blockbuster”
Natalia Tulpanova
Alisa Khazanova
“The Student”
Kirill Serebrennikov
“The Cold Front”
Roman Volobuev
“One More”
Camille Herren
“Follow Me To”
Murad Osmann
Egor Abramenko